S.S. Courtenay

I had been trying to get pregnant for a year. I had done fertility drugs and had no luck either. I tried an IUI and had a chemical pregnancy but my body wasn’t wanting to get a period and pass the chemical pregnancy. I went to see Lisa and she did some acupuncture to help bring on a period and a few hours later I started. I wasn’t allowed to do anymore fertility drugs but was able to try to conceive naturally. I had very low hopes of that myself considering how long I had been trying and over half that time I was using fertility drugs. Lisa had been working with me for about 6 weeks only and my body responded so well to her. The first ovulation surge my body had after my chemical pregnancy (which was 8 days later) I saw Lisa and I had never in my life experienced an ovulation like that. I felt the egg busting out and I am very happy to say that I am 3 months pregnant. I have been seeing Lisa throughout my pregnancy and she has been able to support my body and my brain with whatever it is needing. Lisa goes above and beyond the duties of her calling. She has been a support through way more than just acupuncture and herbs for me. She has been someone to talk to and who is very easy to talk to about anything. Lisa is a very real person who seems to take great pride and care for her clients in the individual ways they may need.”

S.D. Courtenay

Lisa is by far the best practitioner I’ve seen! Her beautiful personality and incredible technique have helped my family through injuries, pregnancy, and so much more. I would recommend her to anyone, for injury and just overall well being.


I have been a client of Dr. Lisa for more than one year now. She has been treating me for muscle spasms in my back. She has decreased the pain in my back and lessened the occurrence of the spasms. She makes me feel good physically and mentally.

C.&M.H. Victoria

As a pair of gently aging boomers, we have enjoyed Lisa’s care for many years. She is gentle, patient and very ‘tuned in’ to our needs. We both agree that her treatments have greatly enhanced our quality of life.

L.R.D. Victoria

Dr. Lisa Lundy has been my Acupuncturist of choice for over ten years. I find that she is very professional, pleasant, and respectful. She begins the session by checking in with me to see what area needs attention. During the treatment, Dr. Lundy will inquire about the effectiveness of the procedure and my comfort level. Following the treatment, if needed, she will follow up by a phone call or an email. I know that if I have a concern or a question, Dr. Lundy will address these in a timely manner. In addition, Dr. Lisa Lundy has recommended professionals who can assist me with specific issues that goes beyond her role. This indicates her genuine interest in my health and my well-being.Over the years, Lisa has continued to take workshops and courses to improve her practice. She is willing to discuss and use new ideas and different methods of a treatment. I highly recommend Lisa Lundy, Doctor of Chinese Medicine. She is a joy to work with.

M.H. Victoria

Thank you Dr Lisa, your are an amazing therapist who not only fixed my body but enhanced my soul. I am forever grateful.

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