Low Back/Sciatic Pain and Chinese Medicine

From a biomedical perspective, low back or sciatic pain almost always involves something structural – a disc issue, misalignment or inflammation of the vertebrae or sacroiliac joint, or muscle spasm in the low back or buttocks.  Any and all of these things can cause irritation to the sciatic nerve which exits the spine in the […]

TCM & Winter

BY: DR. LISA J. LUNDY As the warmth of Summer and Fall drift behind us we find ourselves in the depth of Winter; the darkness, the cold, the damp and the often sore aching backs, and bones, endless fatigue and sometimes heightened anxiety or insecurity.  Welcome the Water Element in Chinese Medicine, and all that […]

Beyond Acupuncture – Cupping Therapy in Chinese Medicine

BY: DR. LISA J. LUNDY While most people equate Chinese Medicine with acupuncture needles, there are many additional therapies that are used to support the body to heal and restore balance.  One of the oldest and more widespread therapies is cupping.  Cupping has been used to treat illness for over 2500 years in most Asian […]