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Dr Lisa Lundy

Integrative Wellness Therapist

I am a dedicated practitioner with over three decades of experience. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in both Psychology and Pre Medical Sciences, and also Doctorate degree holder of Traditional Chinese Medicine. My journey in counselling and TCM, combined with a background in fitness and a passion for well-being, brings a wealth of expertise to my practice.

“Every individual is a unique landscape; Life throws challenges at us sometimes, and we need help to overcome problems. You don't have to go through it alone. I am a professional that is passionate about the well-being of others “

My Services

Area of Expertise

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is a unique opportunity to explore and make sense of your past experiences, and move towards the life you want to create. 

Couple's Counselling

The science of adult attachment reveals much about the nature of love relationships and bonds. Attachment Science views humans as social beings

Family Counselling

The family system is held in a safe and non-threatening environment and each family member’s unique experiences and perspectives are appreciated and heard.

Online Counselling

Online is an easy way to meet with your therapist and allows you to enjoy therapy from the comfort of your own home. Many clients report the ease and freedom of online counselling


Cupping therapy uses heated cups on acupressure points to enhance circulation, remove toxins, reduce pain, and boost energy.

Herbal Medicine

Tailored herbal formulas are crafted or suggested to target specific areas of health imbalance and address individualconcerns.


uses very fine disposable needles at specific points or muscle groups to stimulate and re balance circulation and muscle fibers.


Quality Counsellor

Extensive experience in TCM

Commitment to promoting well-being

Excellent interpersonal skills

Passionate about health

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M.H Designation

Dr. Lisa is a wonderful therapist, not only did she helped me with my physical issues but also improved my soul. I'm grateful to you forever.

S.D Designation

Lisa's exceptional care and technique benefited my family through various situations, making her my top recommendation for well-being and care

S.S Designation

After a year of fertility struggles, Lisa's acupuncture helped regulate my cycle, leading to a natural conception, and I'm now happily three months pregnant.

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